Chelsea S. Salters - Founder

Chelsea’s expertise stems over a decade in corporate event management, public relations/marketing and business development.

Outside of earning her B.A. Degree in Sociology at Morris College, Chelsea has gained national certifications. She is a National Peer to Peer ROMA Trainer through her Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) certification. In addition, she is a Character Development Instructor with CHARACTER COUNTS from Joseph Institute. 

At a young age, Chelsea began a journey to understand the complexities that abnormal humans face every day. As a result of this journey, she has developed her own venture, THOUEARZ, to provide a sense of normalcy to individuals that are otherwise seen as the minority. 

THOUEARZ was developed through Chelsea passionately seeing a need that has not been established to provide a much needed service to help disability-focused individuals or businesses in their planning endeavors. THOUEARZ is a one-stop platform for disability-focused events.

THOUEARZ will from start to finish patiently fulfill your needs to organize a corporate event for your disability-focused business or simply help you flourish in the disability environment.